On this page, you can see my recent results in a nice overview.

  • 4th Perpignan, 1st week January in 2018
  • 18th Pau and 15th on the West-European Marathon 2019
  • 1st National champion multi-day long distance in 2000
  • 1st Champion afternoon release Marathon-Noord in 2000
  • 1st Champion morning release Marathon-Noord in 2011

The current strain of Jaap Mazee is made up of pigeons from the Gebr. Brugemann, “Orhana” and “De Orhan-kweker” from the world famous “Orhan” of the Assendelft brothers. “The Orhan kweker” was purchased at a charity auction at the Buitenhuis loft builders. In those years Jaap also had pigeons from Piet Heikamp from Zetten. These pigeons together form the basis of the Jaap Mazee colony.

Here are pigeons from Nico Volkens and Tellman and son. Later Jaap got pigeons (in the form of a round egg) from Jos Pepping. He got those together with the unfortunately deceased pigeon friend Ernst Verheijen from Putten. Together these pigeons form the current pigeon strain of our topper from the Noordoostpolder.

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